Shannon Stuart-Maver, PHD

Holistic Therapy for Adults

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."
- Japanese proverb

Shannon Stuart-Maver is not accepting new clients at this time.

Education and Background

I am a psychologist licensed in both Oregon and California. I received my doctorate from the University of Iowa in Counseling Psychology and completed my APA accredited internship and residency at the University of California Davis. Prior to my licensure as a psychologist, I was both a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of California. Collectively, I have over 20 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy in a wide range of settings. I have extensive training and experience working with clients who identify as trans & gender-expansive, queer, bi/multi- ethnic/racial/cultural, or autistic.

Who I am as a Therapist

My professional interests are rooted in a desire to advance social justice, support emotional healing, and create space for hope, both individually and systemically.

The quality of the relationship between therapist and client is key to on-going success in therapy, and I work hard to build trust with my clients through being wholeheartedly present and genuine, while creating a safe and compassionate space to talk about difficult issues. I approach therapy from a multicultural framework, which emphasizes consideration of people within their particular cultural and identity-based contexts, and how those contexts intersect with relational, sociopolitical, and environmental factors. I recognize and am respectful of the fact that each individual’s experience is unique to them, and it is my goal to meet people where they are at and work within their own life constructs.

I consider myself a holistic practitioner, meaning that all of a person’s experiences, psychologically, physically, socially, environmentally, etc. impact each other and needs to be regarded as a whole in order to provide the best treatment possible to the client. In my therapeutic work with clients, I pull from orientations that are relational and developmentally based, such as psychodynamic therapy, while concurrently integrating action-oriented methods from multiple approaches (e.g., CBT, ACT, solution-focused, self-differentiation) to promote distress relief and lay the foundation for on-going stress/emotion management and healthy relationships.

Other Fun Facts About Me

I am a biracial Filipino and white, queer, genderfluid mother who is passionate about their family and communities; I am a tabletop gamer and play Shadowrun, D&D, and Magic the Gathering, among other games; I love music and love to sing my soul out in the car and play piano; I have been accused of being an otaku and I think it is rather accurate; I love the redwoods and the ocean, and where they meet, I consider home.