Shannon Stuart-Maver, PHD

Holistic Therapy for Adults

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."
- Japanese proverb

Shannon Stuart-Maver is not accepting new clients at this time.

Unhappiness is often caused by getting stuck in a pattern of thinking or behavior that we repeat time and time again no matter how badly we want to give it up. This can be a pattern of worrying, beating ourselves up, blowing up when angry, mentally replaying a trauma over and over again, pushing people away, being unable to let go of hurt, loss, resentment or guilt. This pattern may have begun long ago, at some point it became an automatic response, and you might feel like you have little control over when it happens. Or perhaps it is relatively new, a stressful event or trauma occurred, and you find yourself responding in a way that is not allowing you to move past the pain and you feel like you can’t cope. In either situation, you may feel like there are no alternatives ways for you to think or act, or if there are, you don’t know what they are or how to do them.

As a therapist it is my goal to create a safe, positive space for you to explore yourself, your relationships, and your life experiences. I will work with you to identify what patterns are keeping you stuck and causing pain and stress. I will aide and support you in letting go of negative patterns of thinking and behavior. We will work together to build the foundation that allows you to honor your inner strength and develop new patterns in your life that increase happiness and enable you to manifest who you want to be.